And this is how it works

Getting your picture retouched with glamya is very easy. With glamya you have access to thousands of designers. Within a beauty retouching contest the designers put your wishes into practice. Your picture will be retouched by experienced designers and you can choose the best one from a variety of retouched pictures. You determine everything when running a beauty retouching contest: upload your picture, select what you want to have retouched and choose how much you are willing to invest for it and – glamya!

Step 1: choose your picture

Choose and upload the picture you would like to have retouched. Make sure the resolution is not too low. Your photo should have a good composition, sharp focus and sufficient contrast.

Step 2: define your retouching wishes

Define your retouching wishes with our easy to use configurator. Tell the designer what he should retouch in your picture in only one click. This serves as a briefing for the designers and defines what should be optimised.

Step 3: set your budget

Define how much you are willing to pay for the beauty retouching. This amount is the prize in the contest. The winning amount should be appropriate. Consider that a designer earns ca 10-20 EUR per hour and that a beauty retouching takes approximately 2-3 hours.

Step 4: choose the best result

After the designer retouched your picture they upload many variations of it. To end the beauty retouching contest you just have to choose one of the pictures. Then you can download your favorite picture and the designer simultaneously receives the money.

Upload your photo now and test it yourself - glamya!